Mary Carter Taub’s process oriented work is highly improvisational and heavily reliant on intuition. Taub doesn’t begin with a preordained start to finish plan. She knows her first move and commits to it, then looks for happy accidents, detours, and opportunities of coincidence. Every step changes the work. The improvisation comes in the form of creative reaction to what has already happened. Taub trusts that the inevitable lemons (sometimes seen by others as “mistakes”) of an open creative process will eventually yield lemonade. In this way, her process reflects how we live our lives: We make a move, encounter a problem or a choice, we react, we adapt, and move on to the next encounter.

Much of Taub’s work is done in direct collaboration with communities to produce public art. Here too, process is as important, perhaps more, than final product. Taub enjoys collaboration because it gives rise to serendipity and allows her to develop relationships and explore directions and possibilities she would not have found on her own. A shared, collective intuition emerges from the communal collaborative process that shapes the work in unique and unexpected ways.

“I enjoy being open to all possibilities. Collaborating on art projects allows me to add visual value to communities, but I often feel that through my art, community is given to me.”

--excerpt from Carter Taub’s discussion of her artwork Slippy with Red Hat in Raleigh, NC in 2016