Artist Statement

Every one of us has been to a shopping mall. Has ridden the escalator to the second floor. Has passed the Starbucks without noticing the precise stacking of the cups or the bags of coffee slouching on back shelves. Often times, we overlook public space or engage it with rote attention. Many of us are overly distracted or blind to what is happening in the physical environments we pass through in a given day. I believe this disregard, rooted in complacency, acts as a buffer against the unpredictability of the world. It is a creativity crusher. 

I strive to shake up this disregard and break through the doldrums. By energizing public space and shifting focus so that the invisible becomes assessable, my work re-contextualizes the way public space is experienced, calling attention to unwritten rules in a playful way. I mine everyday life for materials that are accessible, approachable and relatable as a way of creating intimacy and collapsing the distance between the environment and us. It is important to me that my work reaches a broad audience from regular museumgoers to folks who may find art intimidating.

My process is highly improvisational and heavily reliant on intuition. I do not begin with a pre­ordained start-to-­finish plan. I hop right in. I make my first move and commit to it, then look for happy accidents, detours, and opportunities of coincidence. Every step changes the work. The improvisation comes in the form of creative reaction to what has already happened. This open creative process reflects how we live our lives: we make a move, encounter a problem or a choice, we react, we adapt, and move on to the next encounter.