Pandemic Art Project

How it works:
1) You send me a message (via this website or Instagram) w your special peep’s name and 3 drawing prompts.

For example: “Jenny likes crab cakes, Pac-Man, and the color polka dot neon plaid” or “Fred likes piña coladas, getting caught in the rain, and is not much into yoga”. Get specific.

2) You and I connect to confirm drawing.

3) You make a donation to one of the below non-profits in Chapel Hill/ Carrboro, North Carolina. On the donation page in the NOTES SECTION please write: Mary Carter Taub pandemic art project

El Centro Hispano…

Community Empowerment Fund

The ArtsCenter


4) You message me the donation confirmation.

5) I create a jammin 5.5” x 8.5” drawing in colored pencil and pen.

6) I snail mail your peep the drawing in an un-fancy manila envelope with a stamp.

7) Turn around time is officially 2 weeks (or faster... depends on what life is doling out).

8) If you post on social media, please credit: Mary Carter Taub 2020. On Instagram @marycartertaub